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Welcome to Agency X – Can I Take Your Order?

Dunkin Donuts, Jack in the Box, Subway… agency? Franchises aren’t just for food anymore –with chain shops popping up around the US, media outlets are beginning to take interest in this unconventional format. In a recent AdAge article, Alexandra Bruell delves into the franchise model with a focus on ViaMark, an East Coast-based agency that…

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Online vs. Offline

Even with today’s heavy focus on digital content, more than half of web consumers are influenced by offline word-of-mouth recommendations, while 40% look beyond the Internet to inform purchasing decisions. Offline marketing is still a major player in overall marketing success, although it’s decidedly more enigmatic when it comes to pulling metrics. Get some insight…

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Webinar Recap: “Evolving the Press Release to Drive New Outcomes”

“The press release is dead.” How many times have you heard that stated, debated, retracted, and restated by public relations and marketing professionals? Since press releases got their start in the glory days of print, many digital-centric marketers have mentally cataloged them in the “do not resuscitate” file and turned exclusively to social media, blogs,…

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Re-marketing Gone Wrong: Don’t be an Online Stalker

Everyone knows the saying, “too much of a good thing,” but lately, I’ve noticed many brands that should be taking it to heart. When it comes to customer targeting, a vast number of brands are re-marketing with no strategy, and it needs to stop. There is an effective way to do re-marketing, and then there…

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Cause Criteria: Consumers Get Cause-centric, Should Your Brand Follow?

Cause marketing is nothing new. Yoplait has been supporting breast cancer research for years. What is new, are the “New Affluents,” who spend over $303 billion a year in the U.S. on their favorite brands. With their spending power, this group is single-handedly redefining what makes a “good” brand, including if that brand represents integrity…

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Balancing Media Content and Cost in a Social World

The beginning of 2010 has already shown us a lot of exciting potential for the social world, including Apple’s iPad and Super Bowl XLIV ad campaigns’ interaction in social media. But what we’re most intrigued with are two recent articles from Caroline McCarthy and Joe Marchese. Both articles discuss the emergence and dispersion of noteworthy…

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