Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) helps brands move shoppers down the funnel. More specifically, this unique advertising platform serves ads at the right moment based on specific, interest-based audience segmentation and bridges the gap between brand discovery and purchase.

Amazon has rolled out a number of features to the Demand-Side Platform since its launch, perhaps the most significant of which is the Audience Builder. The tool allows advertisers to create audiences based on relevant shopping interactions on a self-serve basis, which wasn’t a possibility before.

Three Additional Important Features of the Demand-Side Platform 

1. Overlap Reports

Determine audiences to include in Amazon advertising campaigns, extend reach with overlapping audiences and refine creative executions to better resonate with shoppers who demonstrate a higher affinity to buy.

2. Audience Insights Consideration Period: 

Better understand how long it takes shoppers to make a purchase after viewing a produce, shaping lookback windows, remarketing strategies and timing of promotions.

3. 3rd Party Pre-Bid Supply Quality: 

Integrate with third-party viewability, brand safety and invalid traffic solutions including DoubleVerify, Moat and Integral Ad Science (IAS).

 Three Ways These Updates May Improve Your ROI

1. You can segment ASIN audiences in nimble, strategic ways, driving shoppers back to the pages they visited. This can help boost repeat sales or cross sales with like products and optimize campaigns.

2. You can target competitor ASINs. Implement a conquest strategy by capturing shoppers who are interested in competitor products and shift focus to your own

3. You can grow your customer base by creating custom audiences who have searched for or viewed an ASIN in a list of designated search terms that relate to your product.

 Though the Audience Builder can only be used on Amazon and cannot be used to drive shoppers to external websites, the Demand-Side Platform offers rich customer data and allows advertisers to target on a very granular level. It’s extremely useful to remarket, target competitor ASINs and acquire new customers.

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