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Technology Feb 25, 2019

Don’t Underestimate The Value of Voice for Your Business

It’s 2019 and nearly everyone has a built in assistant – voice assistant that is. Voice technology and its underlying software – voice recognition, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and beyond – is evolving rapidly and becoming omnipresent. With the rise of position zero, the coveted search result spot that voice assistants are pulling from,… Continue Reading

Technology Dec 11, 2014

Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Will Win In 2015

Introducing Google’s New Mobile Guidelines & Tools It’s no longer a surprise, we all know that online mobile usage is growing at the speed of light and quickly taking over desktop usage across industries. As a result, mobile search and mobile applications are the first touchpoints between users and brands. 2014 was already announced as… Continue Reading

Technology Nov 20, 2013

5 Digital Things We’re Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving next week and we’re thinking about some things that we’re thankful for this year. In addition to being thankful for the opportunity to be creative on a daily basis and for our supportive friends and family members, we thought about some things that we’re very glad exist in digital.

Technology Jun 17, 2013

Hivio: Bringing Buzz Back to Radio

Even with the advent of satellite and services like I Heart Radio and Pandora, radio is still struggling to be the American entertainment staple it once was. In fact, more than half of Americans feel radio brands fail when it comes to pushing fresh, interesting content, while 35% have no opinion whatsoever. So what’s a… Continue Reading

Technology Jun 14, 2013

PRISM: A Closer Look at Tech’s Newest Controversy

Over the past few days, PRISM, a government surveillance program, has become a hot button issue within the tech community. After National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden executed “one of the largest leaks in US political history,” major tech industry players including Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo!, and Microsoft were accused of giving the federal government… Continue Reading

Technology May 17, 2013

How to Avoid Getting Hacked

These days, it seems like every major brand is getting hacked by one activist group or another. Recently, satirical news site, The Onion, was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), who took over The Onion’s social media accounts. As The Onion explains in their blog, the compromise was the result of gullible Onion employees… Continue Reading

Technology May 6, 2013

Webinar Recap: Peter Shankman Says “Nice Brands Finish First”

In my experience, sometimes finding a good webinar can be a shot in the dark. They’re either not what they seem, or it’s a struggle to find good bits of info in the midst of thinly-veiled sales pitches. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the recent Vocus webinar, “Nice Brands Finish First,” featuring the always-entertaining Peter Shankman…. Continue Reading

Technology Apr 11, 2013

A Developer’s Top Web Pick takes advantage of many of the web development techniques I have been using recently. The site originally caught my eye because it showcases how effective responsive web design and parallax can be together.

Technology Dec 12, 2012

Our 12 Favorite Digital Topics of 2012

Quick! Make a wish—it’s 12/12/12. Or is that for 11:11…? Whatever it is, we’re a bit superstitious and we want to take advantage of today’s date singularity and share with everyone our 12 favorite digital topics of 2012. Topics below are in no particular order.

Technology Sep 21, 2010

Ping: Apple’s Newest Tool Has Missed Its Mark

Apple has recently announced its venture into the glut of social media networks on the internet – Ping. Ping is an iTunes-based community where users can list their favorite bands, follow some of their favorite artists and discover new artists through their friends. This new service was extremely popular at its inception, registering 1 million… Continue Reading

Technology Aug 17, 2010

Digital Barcodes: The Present and Future of Mobile Marketing

The past few years have seen many innovations in the world of mobile marketing, one of the biggest being the use of digital barcodes. Digital barcodes, or Quick Response codes, are barcodes that, when scanned using a mobile device’s QR code reader, lead users to promotional information designated by the creator. We believe digital barcodes… Continue Reading