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Analytics Jun 11, 2014

Back to Basics: Focusing on Metrics that Matter

While I fell into marketing on accident, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed applying a scientific approach to improve marketing KPIs, from email open rates to paid search cost-per-click or e-commerce conversion rates and everything in between. In today’s ever-changing world of new tactics and emerging channels, marketers are expected to track and report on dozens of metrics… Continue Reading

Analytics Sep 30, 2013

[INFOGRAPHIC] What is Attribution?

There are tons of terms and concepts floating around the digital marketing space – we’re an industry that loves its jargon. But every once in a while, there are some that pop up and make you say, “WTF?” Case in point: Attribution. Now, attribution is something Mindgruve knows well and is all about, but we’re… Continue Reading

Analytics May 20, 2010

Social Media Measurement: Company-specific Goals Determine Best KPIs

Let’s face it, since the emergence of social media, marketers have been struggling to find the best ways to measure whether or not their investment in it is paying off. With all the simple measurement tools available, emphasis continues to be placed on baseline ROI and industry-standard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). However, we cannot forget… Continue Reading