Every company selling on Amazon should include videos in their listings. Not only do customers want videos, but Amazon’s search algorithms prioritize pages with video over pages with just text. On top of that, the right video content can boost conversion and page engagement. 

Producing videos may sound daunting to most brands, but it doesn’t have to be! With the help of our Amazon Expert partners at Macarta, we’ve gathered some key tips and insights to doing video content right. 

Before you start, make sure you’re prepared to deliver on the following:

Help them, don’t sell them

Potential customers want informational videos that provide a value, rather than ones that are just trying to make a sale. Additionally, information will lower the barrier to conversions and thus gain you more sales.

Product positioning matters

You have 3 seconds to capture a customer’s attention before they keep scrolling, so make sure your product is front and center at the start of the video. From there, keep it short, and tell one focused story. The average potential customer will give you 6 seconds to decide if they will keep watching or not.

Seen but not heard

90% of video content is consumed without sound. Make sure that your video offers nice graphics and can get the story across without sound. 

Remember the loop

Your videos will automatically loop and replay on Amazon so remember to view it as such to make as seamless of a loop as possible. Consider an end screen, or making the loop feel coherent to the user. 

Types of Amazon Video Content

Branded Videos

Sell the customer on your brand. What are your mission and your values? Why should someone support your brand? If you have multiple products, you can create one branded video to be used across them. 

Product Specifics

Offer potential customers in-depth information on what your product solves and any technical specifications that address why someone should buy your product. 

Product Help (How-To)

Highlight one piece per video, starting with the one most likely to convert. Consider showing viewers tips to get started, or how to use the product, or an in-depth look at one key feature. 


Serve up some cool factor by showing how your product fits into your customer’s lifestyle; your product in action so to speak.

While it’s possible to create your own video content, a video marketing company that uses Amazon-viewing statistics has experience creating video content can help set your brand up for success and move the needle faster.

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