What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is a social media platform that offers exclusive, local neighborhood updates where users exchange helpful information, goods and services. Nextdoor is unique from other social media platforms through its verification process; all Nextdoor users have to verify their address before joining to ensure that they receive content related to their specific neighborhood. 

What audience does Nextdoor appeal to?

The majority of Nextdoor users are homeowning adults, with 70% located in the suburbs, 24% living in rural areas and 6% located in urban areas. The platform’s fastest growing audience currently is millennials (29%), which is due to more and more millennials moving into a new life phase such as buying a house and starting a family. They are also looking for communities through social media as they start to think about their future plans. This is a great time for advertisers to reach millennials in a new phase of their life on a platform that is already promoting trust and community. 

What is the benefit to using Nextdoor for advertisers?

Nextdoor allows advertisers to reach an incremental audience that other ad platforms have a harder time reaching. There is a much more affluent and engaged user base due to the nature of Nextdoor’s targeting. With 79% of neighbors being homeowners and with a high median HHI of $90k, we’re looking at more mature, decision-making households. Nextdoor has reported that about 27% of people on the site haven’t visited Facebook in the last month. There are also no monthly budget minimums to run an advertising campaign on Nextdoor. This platform allows businesses to cater to an engaged audience in a specific area and build customer relationships. For example, Mindgruve utilized Nextdoor for a healthcare client and leveraged income stats in order to reach the right audience. Nextdoor saw an 88% lift in comparison to Facebook leads, along with generating 75% more qualified leads. 

How does targeting work on this platform?

Nextdoor’s user base is at 100% verified addresses. This allows advertisers to reach local audiences on a national scale, while remaining hyper contextual to their newsfeed. When targeting by location, users can decide to target by states, cities, DMAs or Postal Codes. Nextdoor has interest targeting too, like most other platforms, but the platform utilizes third-party interests identified by third-party data partners, including Google, Salesforce, Adobe and Oracle to name a few. These high-affinity interest segments include neighbors who have shown a higher engagement with select interest categories based on what they have interacted with on the platform. Their home ownership targeting is based on a percentage of homeowners, where it is recommended businesses target areas where 50% and above of the neighbors targeted are homeowners for the best results. With our healthcare client, we were able to zipcode target within a 25 mile radius of where the doctors’ practices were located. 

What ad placements are available on Nextdoor?

Nextdoor has the typical News Feed placement and Finds Placement (Marketplace), but the platform also offers the Daily or Weekly Digest. This is a summary email sent once a day or once a week to update users on what is going on in their neighborhood, but it also includes sponsored posts and offers from businesses. This unique feature is a way for advertisers to reach a more engaged audience.


Nextdoor is a platform that ensures trust and community when it comes to advertising and growing a clients business. It’s a great way to reach your ideal client base.