Creating an account on LinkedIn is an excellent opportunity for large or small businesses specializing in various industries. LinkedIn allows your organization to build a sustainable and trusted brand online while creating brand awareness and engaging with professional audiences on a global scale. 

Your business page on LinkedIn allows you to tell your organization’s story, connect with your employees, share career opportunities, communicate industry-related information, engage with your followers, and differentiate yourselves from your competitors. 

LinkedIn provides numerous benefits for advertisers, from wide-ranging audiences to multiple ad formats. The platform also features more than 750 million people, with 4 out of 5 members driving business decisions. Although LinkedIn is smaller when compared to other social networks, it provides a degree of targeting and accuracy that other platforms can’t match. LinkedIn has built a reputation as the most accurate self-reported platform, making its first-party data extremely valuable to reach a highly qualified audience. 

Through paid campaigns, advertisers can achieve business goals throughout the marketing funnel. LinkedIn offers brand awareness campaigns allowing advertisers to reach a large audience while maintaining a cost-efficient CPM. LinkedIn features paid campaigns to help with organic growth, such as the “Followers” campaign objective. This objective grants businesses the ability to serve ads, allowing their audience to follow the associated business page with a button click. 

Lastly, LinkedIn offers strong conversion campaign objectives, including the popular LinkedIn In-Mail (message) ads that allow advertisers to deliver a targeted message without worrying about character limits. Through message/In-Mail ads, advertisers can also add a Lead Gen Form to collect leads directly on LinkedIn, without the prospect having to leave the platform and convert on site. 

Not only is LinkedIn a great platform to help increase your brand’s social footprint and organic visibility, but its detailed targeting and professional network also make it an easy choice when it comes to implementing new initiatives into your paid marketing strategy.