2020 was a monumental year for ecommerce.  At one point, it saw a 10-year growth in just a 90-day period. But will it stick in 2021?  Below we take a look at what elements of ecommerce are likely here to stay.


As small businesses scrambled to go online and survive last year, many turned to contactless curbside pickup.

Target started this ecommerce trend pre-pandemic, which many people considered strange at the time. Less than a year later, it’s the norm. From small businesses to corporate giants, delivering a seamless online shopping experience to customers and saving them time by avoiding brick and mortar locations altogether will be the gold standard for years to come.

Ecommerce Subscription Services

An extension of the convenience factor, offering product subscriptions skyrocketed in popularity among shoppers.  A never-run-out-of-it philosophy combined with a never-have-to-pick-it-up approach is an easy way to expand your service offerings and set you apart from the competition.  Of course, adding predictable revenue to the balance sheet is never bad for business either.


Although this isn’t a new idea, this method of fulfillment will increase in popularity.  With businesses still feeling the impact of the pandemic, larger brands are providing mom-and-pop shops ways to generate revenue.  It’s a win-win because the retailer receives  a commission without having to handle the product or worry about fulfillment, while the manufacturer boosts sales with new revenue streams.

Small Business Support

With the onset of the pandemic, 34% of buyers intentionally shopped at small businesses.  As our worlds shrunk and the economic divide widened, people saw the value in investing in their communities.


The shift to ecommerce mentioned above has shined the spotlight on sustainable practices.  Customers want their items shipped fast and free, but they also want to ensure they come in reused, reusable or recycled packaging via carbon neutral shipping methods.

Consider making sustainability a permanent fixture of your fulfilment strategy. Not only will you be doing good for the planet, you can also highlight your brand’s responsibility as a selling point.  

Ecommerce Trends Here to Stay

At this point, the availability of your products online and ease of delivery is table stakes for customers.  If you’re new to ecommerce, embrace it. If your business is still not operating online, make the jump. 

There are a variety of ecommerce platforms to choose from, each touting different features. Regardless of the type or size of your business, you’ll find a solution to fit your needs.  

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