As over-the-top (OTT) advertising continues to grow, Amazon has been working to set its brand and marketplace sellers up for success. By connecting hardware and software, Amazon gains greater insights into user behavior and thus has the ability to improve its marketing tactics. Here’s how it works. 

IMDb TV — OTT Video Blockbuster

IMDb TV, an Amazon-owned channel, has evolved into a robust OTT platform that contains rights-acquired and original content. While streaming services like Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+ require subscriptions in order to offer ad-free content, IMDb is free to viewers and thus allows viewers to interact and buy with actionable video ads. Additionally, it makes it easier for users to engage by leveraging voice control or their Fire Device remote. 

Amazon FireStick

According to Amazon, 1 in 3 OTT video users are viewing content on Fire devices, which are the 2nd most widely used TV-streaming devices on the market. With the connection of hardware and software, Amazon can follow and track data from device to device in order to deliver the right ad at the right time. The only way to advertise on a Fire device is through Amazon, creating a streamlined advertising ecosystem that follows the customer journey. 

For instance, a user that browses Amazon in the home goods sections may then be served an ad for a standing mixer on IMDb TV. Days later, when that user is back on Amazon, they may be served a display campaign for a standing mixer. This can prompt the viewer to research and purchase a standing mixer. 


Originally a platform for gamers, Twitch has seen significant growth in non-gaming channels and watch hours. With the rapid growth in viewership, advertisers are able to reach new potential customers, and like any other social channel, Twitch influencers bring credibility to the products they promote. As watch hours increase, so does familiarity and along with it, trust. To support that growth in trust, Twitch content drives users to the product display page and customer reviews. 

Embracing a Cookie-less World

Amazon tracks users through logins, not pixels. While other companies scramble to embrace cookie-less advertising, Amazon won’t struggle with gaps in data. Tracking logins ensures that the customer journey is always tracked for Amazon OTT services and allows for continuous improvement. 

Engaging Multiple Senses

IMDb users are encouraged to interact with the ad or product by either using their remote or their voice. And Twitch users are shown ads that don’t look or feel like traditional ads, thus encouraging a feeling of being given something you want or need, rather than being sold something. 

Need more?

If all of the above hasn’t sold you on Amazon OTT advertising, it should be mentioned that Prime Video has gained exclusive rights to stream Thursday Night Football starting in 2022, opening the door to a huge audience ripe for OTT advertising.
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