We asked members of the creative team to share their favorite pieces of work to date from Mindgruve’s portfolio. Each was selected for different reasons. All required a combination of research, strategy, concepting, writing, designing and production. 


Unibet “Luck’s Got Nothing To Do With It”  Work

Alexis, Sr. Designer

The Unibet campaign is one of the best that’s come out of our department. The whole team collaborated to untangle the client’s marketing challenge little by little and craft simple, effective executions that translate seamlessly across mediums.


Kandji Branding

Rachel, Sr. Copywriter

Saying the team built the Kandji brand from scratch is an understatement. Its name, logo and brand story were meticulously crafted, nodding to the company’s flagship product. Those foundational pieces then inspired everything from messaging to web elements.


Martinelli’s Website

Clint, Executive Creative Director

The Martinelli’s website work took every tool in the proverbial toolbox—strategy, copywriting, design, custom photography and illustrations and complex coding. The team ended up crafting a beautifully modern portal for a timeless brand. 


Mindgruve Employee of the Month Portrait Series

Nick, Production Designer

This portrait series is noteworthy because we’re able to briefly shift our focus internally and recognize people that help make Mindgruve and its clients successful. Further, it’s an homage to styles popularized by Mary Ellen Mathews, Nadav Kander and other visionary photographers who frequently inspire us.


MDVIP “You. Better.” Campaign

Colin, Creative Director

The “You. Better.” concept was as insightful as it was brave in a healthcare industry overrun by tired marketing tropes. The campaign cut through the clutter, validating what we heard in focus groups. It also stands out because of production, which was remarkable even by Hollywood’s standards.


San Diego Zoo Centennial Website

Daryl, Sr. Designer

The Zoo’s centennial website work is a product of the freedom the client afforded us. From conceptualization to final production, our team explored multiple solutions that led us to an award-winning website and interactive display.


Neurocore “Inside Out” Campaign

Emily, Jr. Copywriter

The illustration style of the Neurocore campaign work is atypical of the healthcare industry, which is why it was so effective at garnering attention. Within that colorful framework, it also managed to reinforce Neurocore’s key differentiator—science-based, drug-free programs that can strengthen the brain.


FICO Website Mockup

Kaylee Andrews, Designer

Highly technical products oftentimes prioritize functionality over form, which is why the FICO website should be included. Conceptualizing the intelligence behind the company’s arsenal of products culminated in elevated, cerebral imagery, that pushed the brand far beyond the expected.

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