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San Diego Zoo: The

Project Overview

The World Famous San Diego Zoo partnered with MindgruveMacarta to create an interactive customer experience to celebrate their 100 year anniversary.

The Challenge.

Create an interactive online and touch screen experience for tourists and fans alike to celebrate The San Diego Zoo’s 100 Year Anniversary.

One Hundred Years of the San Diego Zoo

The Idea.

The idea was to create an interactive timeline of every significant moment in the park’s storied 100 year history and catalog all the memories by date and by animal type.

100 Years of the San Diego Zoo interactive timeline page
100 Years of the San Diego Zoo catalog of memories

The Solution.

A fun, interactive touch screen and web based timeline cataloging all the historically significant milestones and zoo animals for all to enjoy online and at the amusement park.

Child viewing San Diego Zoo Anniversary website

Icon Design.

Custom iconography was carefully designed to depict all the animals that have graced The San Diego Zoo’s 100 year history.

Custom animal icons for the San Diego Zoo


The outcome was an entertaining, interactive online web experience that drove fans and tourists to experience the physical charm and rich history of the World Famous San Diego Zoo.

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