As a person slightly addicted to social media and a professional social media consultant, I tend to be browsing through my networks every other waking hour (I wish this were an exaggeration). My supervisor kindly refers to me as a “power user.”

However, I’m not the general population of social media users. Most tend to check their social networks during idle times, such as a 3pm lull during the workday (for Facebook) or relaxing Saturday mornings (for Pinterest). As marketers, we want to make sure we’re catching users’ attention at these high-opportune moments. Thankfully, SurePayroll compiled together some data to let in on the best and worst times to share content on various social media channels, plus some nuggets on what types of content generate the most clicks, re-pins, and shares.

Best Time Outreach

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There’s no doubt. Brands LOVE Comic-Con and so do we. But, as the main exhibit hall gets more crowded each year, it’s becoming obvious that grabbing the attention of attendees is extremely difficult unless you’re spending a ton to promote the next summer blockbuster.

Don’t have millions to spend? Here’s a couple ways that brands can make a much more cost-effective splash. Read More

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Author’s note: Warning! This article contains some Game of Thrones spoilers.

Brace yourselves, San Diego. Comic-Con is coming.

Whether you’re a visitor to our beautiful city or a local dreading the imminent Gaslamp traffic, you probably noticed that San Diego’s Gaslamp district is slowly transforming into a media planner’s dream. Storefronts will begin transforming into headquarters for various TV shows, MTS is prepping for the surge of riders, and travelers will be picking up their checked luggage from branded baggage claim carousels (more on this, soon). Yep, it’s that time of the year. Read More

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What comes to mind when you picture a San Diego Comic-Con attendee? Is it a comic book “geek” with a poster tube slung across his shoulder? A film buff in a movie t-shirt and cargo shorts? Or is it an avid gamer with a Mountain Dew in hand?

Every year, Comic-Con grows exponentially with 130,000 attendees expected for SDCC in 2014. That’s a lot of people walking the exhibit hall floor and standing in line outside of Hall H. More and more people from all over the world are making their way to the convention, giving brands the opportunity to market to a diverse audience of consumers.

And, diversity is the name of the game. Aside from the usual suspects, here are a few people at Comic-Con that brands might just be overlooking. Read More


If you subscribe to HBO (or are lucky enough to have a friend or family member who is more than willing to lend you their HBO Go login information), you may be a fan of the crime drama, True Detective, created and written by Nic Pizzolatto and directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. Though its first season finale got mixed reviews (*SPOILER ALERT*: see The Daily Beast’s positive review and The Atlantic and The New Yorker’s not-so-positive reviews), there was undoubtedly some second screen buzz happening all over the web. Even before season 1 wrapped, the hashtag, #TrueDetectiveSeason2, began trending on Twitter, prompting fans to tweet their favorite pop culture pairs to possibly grace our television, computer, and mobile screens. Read More

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While I fell into marketing on accident, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed applying a scientific approach to improve marketing KPIs, from email open rates to paid search cost-per-click or e-commerce conversion rates and everything in between. In today’s ever-changing world of new tactics and emerging channels, marketers are expected to track and report on dozens of metrics to capture the full picture.

As the marketing landscape grows more complex, every business will compete to stay ahead of the curve, unknowingly losing focus of metrics that assimilate their business goals; metrics like cost per acquisition, time to conversion, customer lifetime value, and churn rate. These old-fashioned KPIs are still hugely important, though maybe not as glamorous as watching branded social buzz transpire, or inching keyword rankings into the top spot. Read More

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“Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”

“The ultimate driving machine.”

“Just do it.”

“I’m lovin’ it.”

The common denominator of all these taglines is that they are all trying to sell their products to hungry consumers. And arguably, a great brand tagline is a memorable one. As you were reading the list above, I’m sure you were naming the brand as soon as you finished reading each tagline. Taglines can define brands and sometimes, brands have to adapt to the changing consumer environment to ensure their brands stay top-of-mind. This is not to say that a tagline must change at every whim. Not only is it expensive to alter, but it also can confuse consumers on your brand identity. When executed properly, a tagline can help keep the brand fresh and generate a more powerful brand identity.

Read More

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David Shing (@Shingy), AOL’s “Digital Prophet” gave one of the most inspiring keynote speeches at Interactive Day San Diego (IDSD 2014) on May 16th of this year. As he walked onto the main stage with his zebra pants and blown up hair, we all knew we were in for something great.



His talk about the need for brands to become humanized to be successful in the digital world was indeed enlightening. In today’s “attention economy”, the ability of a brand to capture consumers’ interests is essential. Read More

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I had the opportunity to attend Social Media Marketing World 2014 from March 27th to March 28th to learn from some of the world’s most influential thought leaders in the social media and digital marketing world. During my time there, I’ve acquired a vast amount of invaluable information and education about social media and the digital marketing space. Also, I’ve learned that no matter how much social media is evolving, social media marketers will always be a unique breed of enthusiastic, intelligent, affable, and, dare I say it, social people.

On the final day of the conference, attendee Mary McCoy got the crowd to clap along and take selfies while singing a wildly catchy song, “Let’s Get Social.” As an audience member, I could only smile and relish in the moment of being with my fellow social media geeks.

This video is now viral, popping up on digital publications sites such as Mashable and The Wire. Whether you like it or not, this song and performance is a prime example of the impact social media has had on today’s marketers. Let’s get social, everyone.

We understand the importance of keeping our finger on the pulse of emerging trends in digital marketing. For instance, though investment in digital is growing, only 25% of a marketing budget is used for online efforts. Of course, we anticipate these investments to grow even bigger as consumers turn to technology and thus are changing their buying habits.

Webmarketing 123 surveyed 500+ marketing professionals, asking them what’s working, what’s not, and what they’re planning for this year. Check out the infographic below:

2014 DMR Infographic