We understand the importance of keeping our finger on the pulse of emerging trends in digital marketing. For instance, though investment in digital is growing, only 25% of a marketing budget is used for online efforts. Of course, we anticipate these investments to grow even bigger as consumers turn to technology and thus are changing their buying habits.

Webmarketing 123 surveyed 500+ marketing professionals, asking them what’s working, what’s not, and what they’re planning for this year. Check out the infographic below:

2014 DMR Infographic

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SAN DIEGO, CA – February 13, 2013 – Digital marketing and technology firm Mindgruve, won a 2014 Poppy Award for Visit Carlsbad’s “Carlsbad is where…” integrated digital marketing campaign. The biennial Visit California Poppy Awards honors the best of California tourism, celebrating innovation in travel marketing. A record number of entries for the Visit California Poppy Awards were reviewed by a panel of industry experts with Visit Carlsbad winning the “Best Digital/Social Media Initiative” category.
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On February 4th of this year, Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday. Yes, that’s how long the platform that allows you to document your life has been around. To celebrate, a team at Facebook built videos for each user, putting together a “Look Back” compilation of shared moments (mainly of photos and status updates) in a minute-ish long video.

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When collaborating on a website redesign, I was faced with the challenge of measuring success without hard KPIs or conversion goals. Yet our project needed concrete goals we could point to and say, “Yes, this redesign worked!” Stepping back, it dawned on me that, frequently, the (re)design of a website may be disconnected from the business objectives of the organization. The result is a continuous, oftentimes monthly, data puke of Google Analytics metrics like unique visitors, bounce rate, pages per visit, average visit duration, percent new visits, and more.

No executive has hours to spend pouring over dashboards and numerous reports. But for companies that don’t sell goods or services online, connecting monthly traffic to associated campaign performance is nearly impossible.

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There is a growing trend in visual content, and it doesn’t look like it’s fading any time soon. Instagram has over 150 million active users sharing #selfies with no fear. SnapChat had the nerve to turn down Facebook’s offer of $3 billion without a blink. Clearly, those so digitally-inclined are moving towards a more visual web. In fact, the image-heavy platform, Pinterest, is now generating more revenue for retailers than text-based platforms, such as Twitter.

As marketers, we are constantly finding ways to entice the click and ultimately gain the conversion for our brands. Displayed in the infographic below, Curalate took a look at over 500,000 images on Pinterest to determine tendencies of our behavior on the visually-driven social media platform. Do users tend to prefer a certain color? Multiple colors or is monotone the way to go? Find out below:

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It’s that time of year again, where brands are able to show off their multi-million dollar ads to those who enjoy some competitive American football. As exciting as the Super Bowl XLVIII can be (you’ll get it next year, Chargers!), some of us are more eager to check out what brands have up their sleeves this year for the big game.

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There has been a lot of discussions about the future of search and search marketing over the past 3 years. The industry has been moving toward quality-focused solutions that aim at improving user experience. In laymen terms, content is still king, social media is queen, big data is prince and SEO is the grand vizier. All are essential to develop successful (and integrated) online search strategies, increase traffic and, eventually, improve ROI for your marketing dollars.

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Resolution#1: Focus on Quality Content

2013 was a busy year for Google: several additional Panda and Penguin updates targeting low quality content and spam link schemes, as well as the release of the new Hummingbird algorithm which focuses on relevancy and understanding users’ search intents. Topped with the continued rise of not provided keyword data in Analytics, SEO continues to shift toward a content-centric approach.

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Video is all the rage. Or so it seems.

During its initial testing, Facebook noticed increased engagement and positive results from their auto-play video ads. Now, Facebook is rolling out auto-play video ads to the masses, and you know what, I’m not so bothered by it. Though some users are finding this tactic intrusive, the videos are muted and only expand into full-screens with sound if the user taps or clicks on the auto-played video. These usually short videos offer brands an opportunity to tell an even deeper story of their product or simply showcase their most clever commercials.   Read More