Every marketer encounters the battle of deciding where to put his or her digital marketing dollars. Do you choose to run a desktop-only campaign? Is mobile and tablet-specific targeting really worth it? Here are seven simple reasons why mobile marketing can increase your brand’s ROI. Read More

“Welcome to Beverly Hills.” Or so it says on the homepage of our award-winning site for the Beverly Hills CVB, LoveBeverlyHills.com! That’s right. Mindgruve has been honored with a Gold W3 Award in the General Website – Tourism category. The responsive design allows users to seamlessly check out upcoming events, local restaurants, shops, and places to stay, from any device. Visitors are able to easily book a stay at a hotel of their choice using the booking bot located at the top of each page. In addition, the sidebar navigation allows users to easily access the various pages of the website, both via desktop and mobile. One of our favorite design features? The “Load More” button below each list section. Click it and see what happens. We’re all about the details.

Check out LoveBeverlyHills.com for yourself. 

The W3 Awards honors creative excellence on the web, including websites, online marketing, mobile sites/apps, web video & social. Each entry is judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. Members include executives from organizations such as AvatarLabs, Conde Nast, Block Media, Microsoft, and others. We appreciate it, AIVA!

Lately, we’ve been tasked to think of ways to market a product via social media without making the tweet or post sound “too salesy.” Sound familiar? After all, with nearly 60% of Facebook and Instagram users and 46% of Twitter users logging on every day, your brand better speak to the masses in the most optimized and likeable way possible. They want a relationship with you, not be subscribed to a news feed of hard-sell offers.

Though it’s easy to make every tweet or post into a blatant advertisement, that hard-sell method is also an easy way to turn off your followers. And that’s the thing: it’s easy — and I’m not one to take the road most traveled.

So what is exactly that sweet spot of getting your intention across without being too pushy? I’ve put together some questions to ask yourself before hitting send. Read More

Modern Healthcare & Advertising Age honored Mindgruve with a Silver Healthcare Marketing IMPACT Award! Competing against a wide variety of quality entries from nationally recognized healthcare brands, our efforts in MDVIP’s “National Doctors’ Day” digital marketing campaign won silver in the Digital Category. The award recognizes healthcare’s best advertising, marketing, promotion, and communication campaigns on and across all media platforms. A panel of marketing and communications professionals judged each entry to determine the best within nine categories.

As MDVIP’s Agency of Record, Mindgruve was challenged to develop a campaign that increased the awareness of MDVIP among their target audience. This campaign involved optimizing on an upcoming National Doctors’ Day by showcasing the impact MDVIP-affiliated physicians have on the lives of their patients. So far, over 5,000 members have contributed user-generated content in the form of letters, posts, and videos.

Learn more about MDVIP by visiting http://mdvip.com.

SDX’s Brand Diego Awards has nominated Mindgruve in its Agency of the Year category! Agencies will be evaluated on innovation, skill, leadership, and commitment to the San Diego community, among other qualities.

In addition, our very own Michael Bowen, Director of Performance Marketing, has been nominated for Agency Professional of the Year!

Running for its second year in a row, Brand Diego Awards showcases and celebrates excellence in the advertising and marketing industry within San Diego. The awards show will be held at the historic Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier on October 23rd.

We’re honored to have been nominated and can’t wait to hear the results of this year’s Brand Diego Awards!

To put it simply, we’re living in the age of screens. Screens of all sizes, of different operating systems, and all have their own set of rules for mobile content. According to a study done by Business Insider, the global smart phone penetration exploded from 5% in 2009 to 22% by the end of 2013. That being said, tablets are showing faster adoption rates than smartphones; it took four years for smartphones to penetrate 6% of the market, while tablets took only two.

So what does this mean for email marketing? In 2013, 51% of emails were opened via a mobile device, a significant leap from 33% in 2012 and 10% in 2011. With increased mobile usage, audiences are less tolerable to bad e-mail marketing. Encountering users with short attention spans and providing mobile content that is less than user-friendly, your emails will more than likely get deleted, or worse, unsubscribed. Read More

What You Need To Know About Millennials

Being a Millennial isn’t as easy as it looks. For those of us born after 1981, we have to live with crushing student loan debt, being labeled as lazy or entitled and people waiting in line to tell us just what’s wrong with our generation. Not to mention, our childhood heroes are constantly being unceremoniously rebooted into distorted shadows of their former selves (*ahem, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, anyone?). Is nothing sacred?  Read More

Earlier this week, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch in a live-streamed event marred by a bevy of technical issues. And, the Internet promptly erupted with people taking to Twitter to voice their frustration. Just one day later, the Internet slowed to a halt.

No, it wasn’t your router or Internet connection. Organized by Battle For The Net, the September 10th Internet Slowdown was a national protest event in which companies all over the Internet symbolically slowed down their websites and services in support of Net Neutrality. Read More

What Makes A Successful Brand Taglines

Working with brands to establish or reinvent their identities, we’ve heard a lot of talk about brand taglines lately. What brands have the most memorable taglines? Which ones have the worst? Are brand taglines even necessary today?

Even if it never sees the light of day, going through the exercise of creating a concise slogan can set the tone for how a brand communicates who they are and what they represent. If nothing else, a great tagline can become a constant source of inspiration. “Just do it,” anyone?

So, what do the most successful brand taglines of the world have in common? Read More

As a person slightly addicted to social media and a professional social media consultant, I tend to be browsing through my networks every other waking hour (I wish this were an exaggeration). My supervisor kindly refers to me as a “power user.”

However, I’m not the general population of social media users. Most tend to check their social networks during idle times, such as a 3pm lull during the workday (for Facebook) or relaxing Saturday mornings (for Pinterest). As marketers, we want to make sure we’re catching users’ attention at these high-opportune moments. Thankfully, SurePayroll compiled together some data to let in on the best and worst times to share content on various social media channels, plus some nuggets on what types of content generate the most clicks, re-pins, and shares.

Best Time Outreach