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Health Care. Reimagined.
Merck and Mindgruve got engaged to reinvent the future of health care.

MerckEngage is a platform that helps people manage their health conditions, provide ideas for healthier eating, encourage active lifestyles and help improve communication with health care professionals. So our team racked their brains for a big idea. It needed to be a true disruptor. A reimagination of health care. The amazing thing is the genesis of the big idea was right in their name. 

Why not make MerckEngage, well, more engaging? What if it could simplify the things people do in their everyday lives - food, exercise and lifestyle activities? Why not enable people to manage their own health conditions? Push notifications reminding them to take their meds? And make the mobile experience - amazing! Simple, elegant and useful too. Meet MerckEngage!

It's not the end,
just the beginning. See more awesome work.