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Introducing the New 90210.
Beverly Hills and Mindgruve turn back the clock making the old, new again.

Beverly Hills is best known for celebrity sightings and world-class shopping on Rodeo Drive. Whether you’re sipping on cocktails at a boutique hotel or hanging out at a luxury spa - Beverly Hills has something for everyone seeking a star-studded experience.

We all know travelers plan their trips online. So it was critical we told their story successfully thru mobile and desktop. And, make it easy for people to explore all the amazing attractions, restaurants and shopping the city has to offer. By leveraging the rich history of Beverly Hills, we got inspired by old school photography, images and iconography. The result was a clean, minimalist, intuitive interaction design that enticed the user to continue to explore. In the end, making 90210 sexy and new again...

  • Winner Gold Award Best Travel Website 2014
  • Winner Gold Award W3C Awards 2014

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