Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ll have noticed an increase in visuals throughout all your favorite social media platforms, including Facebook’s imminent newsfeed design overhaul. Videos, pictures, and other visual content have been taking over all our social feeds and *gasp* we’ve actually been taking notice of all this visual content. It’s more engaging and easier to take in than pure text. Infographics, for example, explain mind-numbing statistics with engaging visuals so that they are easier to digest by non-number-savvy people (unlike our analytics team — they love numbers). Boot Camp Digital presents an infographic explaining why visual marketing is one of the biggest trends in social media.

infographic-visual-social-media-marketingVisual Social Media Marketing – An infographic by the team at Boot Camp Digital Cincinnati Social Media Training

In case you need some visuals yourselves, here are some tools to create an infographic on your own. If you want something more robust, call us! We create infographics — both fun and client-ready ones.