Rewind back a handful of years and the only true distraction from watching your favorite show was your kid sibling incessantly poking you to change the channel. Now, with the advent of mobile technology, watching TV without your trusty iPhone to tweet out your reactions to that crazy episode of Breaking Bad seems something of a distant past. Second-screen interaction with our televisions is becoming second nature for the viewing audience. Though we’ve become distracted and glued to our mobile devices, TV has somehow become MORE social with these various apps and devices, constantly sharing our feelings and reactions to what we see on television. Social-TV is here (and it’s looking like it’s here to stay) and companies are forming and reacting by responding to our evolving consuming habits.

Recently, AdAge called upon its readers to give feedback on some of the most important companies in social-television. Partnering with a social-media monitoring firm, Trendrr, AdAge updated their Social-TV Ecosystem chart. “Slices” include: Second-Screen Apps/Platforms, Socially-Enabled Devices, Ad Serving Platforms/Interactive TV Advertising, and more.

See some of the most important apps and devices involved with social-television.