It’s that time of year again, where brands are able to show off their multi-million dollar ads to those who enjoy some competitive American football. As exciting as the Super Bowl XLVIII can be (you’ll get it next year, Chargers!), some of us are more eager to check out what brands have up their sleeves this year for the big game.

So far, I’ve seen that brands have been following the trend of using big name celebrities and pop culture references to generate interest in the products they’re pushing.

Here’s a teaser from Bud Light with the former governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Can’t say it’s the most successful campaign, but it does pique some interest.

Here’s another Bud Light ad with Don Cheadle and a llama.

Very vague and doesn’t really have anything to do with beer, but I’m a fan of puns, so I’ll give it a 6 out of 10 (extra points for the llama).

M&M’s Chocolate Candies decided to optimize on the “twerking” craze, popularized (unfortunately) by the infamous Miley Cyrus:

This is kind of morbid. BUT I am curious of what happens to Yellow. Successful on their end.

Dannon Oikos reunited the Full House cast for slinging their Greek yogurt:

Not sure how many people are eating Greek yogurt during the game, but the Full House reunion does spark the 1990s nostalgia.

And brands that can’t afford (or refuse to cough up) the high media purchase price are doing their own version of Super Bowl ads. Check out British beer brand, Newcastle’s, latest teaser trailer for their “Mega Huge Football Game” ad. Allegedly, they had to censor “Super Bowl” with asterisks:

Dead-pan humor? Check. Epic music? Check. Skateboarding cats? Check. I think this wins as the best anti-Super Bowl ad this year.

Whatever is in store, I’ll be ready with Buffalo wings and maybe a Newcastle in hand as I cheer on the Seahawks (sorry Broncos, you took away our Super Bowl chances).

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