Each month, we recap the biggest industry news by rounding up a handful of can’t-miss articles. In September, we saw tech giants spend big on television, heard a call for marketers to refocus on awareness, noticed missed opportunities on YouTube and more.

Why Tech Giants Like Google and Amazon Are Spending Big On TV Ads

(Via MediaPost)

Google, Amazon, Netflix and Facebook have been causing a stir by investing in TV advertising. Google alone spent more $109 million in Q4 of 2016 to promote its Pixel mobile device and is one of the most prominent TV spenders in general. These tech giants, oddly enough, seem to be acknowledging the power of traditional media in their marketing efforts. Per the article, “Bottom line: You can only make so much money on people who already know your brand. To reach everyone else, you need TV.”

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Pay Attention Quickly!

(Via MediaPost)

According to a recent report by the Statistic Brain Research Institute, marketers nowadays have just three seconds to grab a viewer’s attention. Related studies suggest this is the result of the dwindling attention spans of younger audiences who are growing up in the social platform era. They are now even shorter than the “average goldfish.”

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Once Upon A Time

(Via Contagious)

According to Amanda Nicol, group director, strategy, Possible, there are valuable lessons marketers can learn from Disney and Pixar to improve their storytelling. She notes that researchers have found the most persuasive stories transport the listener away from the present moment. Like Toy Story, a successful advertising campaign or even a presentation includes a narrative, emotion and conflict, among other things.

Advertisers Need to Stop Chasing Engagement and Get Back to Focusing on Awareness

(Via AdWeek)

Awareness is king once again according to Brian Sheehan, professor advertising at the SI Newhouse School of Public Communications. Despite the industry’s talk of engagement, he argues that brands should focus on being noticed and remembered in a cluttered market and “always-on” culture. And that happens, for the most part, with unique demonstrations of innovation.

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Data report: The audience every advertiser is missing on YouTube

(Via Strikesocial)

Spoiler alert—it’s Boomers. While advertisers pay most attention to Millennials, this older generation is more likely to watch ads on desktop and mobile devices. In fact, it registers view rates 10% higher. As importantly, Boomers spend more, accounting for 48% of consumer expenses each year.

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