Also known as vertical advertising, endemic advertising refers to ad placements that are contextually relevant to the markets and websites they’re running on. While this might seem like a no-brainer, in the world of modern media endemic partners rarely come up when fleshing out a strategic media plan.

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is a great example of an endemic advertising partner. The people that frequently visit its website are car dealers. If you’re promoting a product or service for car dealers, the ads you run would be highly relevant. As such, you’d likely see better results with endemic advertising. 

Why should endemic partners be part of your media mix? Begin by considering your target audience, its size, media use and more. Specifically:

  • An audience may not be searching for your product or service on Google.
  • The numbers might not be high enough for Google to have a pre-built or affinity audience for advertising. There’s a significant difference between selling toothpaste or shoes and selling a specialized piece of equipment that has less than 30,000 potential customers. In short, it’s difficult to reach them.
  • The audience may be concentrated on a few industry-specific websites.

Many B2B verticals serve as great examples of these types of endemic partners, their websites and the media opportunities. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,, and NADA, just to name a few, deliver massive reach with unique targeting capabilities.

Prospects may respond at a higher rate from trade organizations like these compared to your company, too. They’ve spent years building relationships and trust with them. The same prospects may even be paying annual dues, which means they’re visiting the website more often for content they deem valuable. The good news is you can piggyback off this connection to boost your media efforts with endemic advertising.

In the best case scenario an endemic partner offers tactics at affordable prices that are typically expensive for you to execute. For example, hosting a website, marketing to its members or delivering hundreds of prospects for one fixed price. On your own this might take months and cost two to three times more.

At Mindgruve, we encourage our clients to consider endemic partners to maximize ROI. They often provide media kits that outline details like audience demographics as well as available tactics. You should request examples of what companies have done in the past as well as typical results. While the latter is by no means a guarantee, they serve as useful benchmarks when you launch your advertising campaign.

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