Pinterest differs from other social media platforms in that its users aren’t updating their peers about changes in their lives. Instead, they’re sharing new ideas and interests through ‘pinning’ videos, photos, and lifestyle inspiration visuals to their pages.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, allowing marketers to leverage a large market of impressionable users. Pinterest has cultivated a community of 433 million active monthly users that come to the platform in search of something new, which means brands can run awareness campaigns to grow their market and traffic campaigns to lead users to all kinds of different products.

In order to capitalize on this user growth, Pinterest recommends utilizing ads that don’t just sell a product but inspire users and urge them to take an action. In 2021, Pinterest grew 12.5% in ad reach, equating to 25 million more users experiencing ad visibility year over year. Seasonality also plays a large role for advertisers, with reports showing pinners looking up holidays such as “Christmas” up to 9 months in advance. This is important to marketers because Pinterest reported that ads that were “seasonal specific” yielded 10x higher awareness. 

Pinterest is continuously growing and evolving to enhance the users’ experience, helping brands increase their awareness and showcase new products to a desirable market. Most users actively using Pinterest are in search of something. Whether that new thing is a product, a home loan or DIY inspiration, Pinterest is exceptional at leading users to experience new brands and products, making it a no-brainer when planning your next social media campaign.