Balancing the quality of leads versus quantity. Preventing abandonment. Keeping up with optimizations. When it comes to lead generation, the list of challenges goes on and on. Especially in the mobile marketing space, which has lagged behind desktop for years.

Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are attempting to change course by creating a new type of touchpoint where prospective customers, ads, and lead forms intersect. Google calls them lead form extensions, while Facebook and LinkedIn have dubbed them Lead Gen Forms. All three are promising lead generation ad options and should excite advertisers hoping to see more ROI from their mobile marketing efforts.

Google Lead Form Extensions

Google lead form extensions help advertisers engage with prospective customers who have expressed interest in a particular product or service by allowing them to directly submit their information within ads. This has proven to boost conversion rates and ultimately drive sales.

How Google Lead Form Extensions Work

  1. Use Google Ads to build and then integrate them with your search, video, discovery and display campaigns.
  2. When customers visit a Google property such as YouTube and interact with your ads they can submit their email address, phone number and other information via the form.
  3. Download and manage leads from the past 30 days in Google Ads.

Requirements for Google Lead Form Extensions

  • A clean history of policy compliance.
  • A Google Ads account in an eligible vertical or sub-vertical; sensitive verticals or sub-verticals aren’t eligible.
  • A legitimate privacy policy.
  • A minimum spend of $50,000 USD in Google Ads when adding a lead form extension to a video, discovery or display campaign.
  • Advertising in an eligible country; click here to see the full list.

How Google Lead Form Extensions Look




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Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads, which can take the shape of quote or demo requests, newsletter subscriptions, event registrations and more, simplify engagement and data collection. When prospective customers tap on ads, forms appear with their information pre-populated. And with the “work done,” they’re more likely to complete the submission. To further boost conversions and drive sales, brands can also:

  • Utilize Facebook’s audience selection and optimization products.
  • Customize forms to collect more valuable information first.
  • Sync newly generated leads with CRMs, enabling their sales teams to follow up immediately.
  • Prominently demonstrate value while keeping messages simple.

How to Customize Facebook Lead Ads

  • Incorporate unique questions
  • Use dynamic ads
  • Implement a dealer locator
  • Add a click-to-call option
  • Offer appointment scheduling
  • Create higher intent lead forms

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Available for both message ads and sponsored content, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms generate higher quality leads thanks to seamless pre-populated forms. More specifically:

  • Prospective customers can send their information with just a few clicks.
  • Cost per lead, form fill rate and total leads can be tracked by audience segment.
  • Leads can be downloaded via Campaign Manager; a separate marketing automation or CRM tool can be integrated as well.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Examples

Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are giving advertisers a unique opportunity to boost the conversion rates of their mobile marketing efforts and ultimately drive even more sales. For more information on Lead Gen Forms, contact us.