The biggest weeks of online sales are fast approaching, and it’s time to get prepared. We’re talking about Prime Day, Walmart Plus Week, and Target Circle Week — all happening simultaneously this summer. While most deadlines for deal submissions have already passed, there’s still time to refine your strategy and ensure you’re ready to make the most of this sales bonanza. This article will provide you with a solid foundation.

Key Takeaways

Amazon Prime Day, Walmart Plus Week, and Target Circle Week are all set to take place back to back this summer. While managing preparations for all three events can be challenging, each presents a unique opportunity to boost visibility and sales. Fine-tuning your strategy, reviewing your inventory, offering attractive deals, and adhering to best practices can help you shine among the competition.

Sale Logistics

Traditionally, Amazon dominated the e-commerce scene in the second week of July with its Prime Day event. However, in recent years, Walmart and Target have launched their own significant sales events concurrently, intensifying the competition. Here’s a quick rundown of what each sale is about, when it’s taking place, and who it’s for:

Amazon Prime Day

  • What: Amazon’s largest sale of the year.
  • When: July 16th and 17th in the US and July 16-21 in Brazil and Mexico
  • Who: Exclusive to Prime members.

Walmart Plus Week

  • What: One of Walmart’s major sales events of the year.
  • When: June 17th – 23rd 
  • Who: Open to all, with early access for Walmart Plus members a day before.

Target Circle Week

  • What: Target hosts several week-long sales events annually, with one coinciding with Prime Day.
  • When: July 7th-13th
  • Who: Target Circle members (a free-to-join loyalty program).

How to Prepare

Your approach to each marketplace should essentially stay the same, with some nuances:

  1. Optimize your content and deals: Ensure your content is polished and your deals are set. Note that Amazon Prime exclusive discounts can be created anytime before or during the event if they meet eligibility criteria.
  1. Ensure consistent stock across marketplaces: If you anticipate high sales volumes, prioritizing fulfillment and prompt deliveries is essential. Amazon’s FBA inventory cut-off is June 20th, so ensure your inventory reaches fulfillment centers by then.
  1. Plan for same-day pickup: Keep in mind that customers might prefer Walmart and Target over Amazon due to the availability of same-day pickup options.
  1. Offer the same deals or different products: Decide whether to offer the same deals across all marketplaces or feature different products on each. Inconsistent practices could result in listings being shut down or losing the buy box.
  1. Vary your promotion strategy: Tailor your promotional tactics for each marketplace to maximize impact.
  1. Understand customer shopping behaviors: Recognize that shopping habits may differ between Amazon, Walmart, and Target customers. Adjust your content to cater to these distinct audiences.

Following these steps will help you prepare effectively for the major e-commerce sales events this summer. Stay tuned for more tips and strategies in our upcoming articles.Want to ask a question or learn more? Get in touch with us today.