In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, social media marketers must navigate a vast amount of data, ever-changing trends, and complex user behaviors. Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Tools like ChatGPT are great for a quick brainstorming session or gut-check. Embracing GenAI is no longer an option though, it’s a necessity for any forward-thinking marketer.

Here are three ways to use GenAI for organic social media: 

1. Content Curation

GenAI can quickly come up with a variety of content ideas for marketers to run with. These tools can help social media teams identify relevant topics, making it easier for teams to curate engaging content that resonates with their audience. This saves time and effort that would usually be spent manually researching content ideas.

We’re going to use this blog post as an example throughout this post. To kickoff this post, the team asked ChatGPT, “Give me blog topics surrounding GenAI and social media.” The tool quickly spit out 10 blog post topics with short descriptions of each. From there, our team was able to select the most compelling and informative aspects from each topic to compile into this blog.

2. Copywriting

Writing captions is one of the most important and time-consuming processes. Social media marketers are often expected to tailor every post to each social media platform. If a brand plans to publish five posts per week across five channels (Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, and Threads, for example) this would require unique copy for 25 posts. Marketers can leverage GenAI tools to quickly inspire copy ideas, break through writer’s block, and provide tone recommendations for different audiences.

We asked ChatGPT to write a different caption for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for a blog post about how social media marketers can use GenAI. Here’s what the tool provided: 

3. Image Generation

GenAI tools can produce high-quality visuals on demand, enabling social media managers to create more content in the same amount of time. Tools such as Midjourney, CreatorKit,, and Unbound are great AI image enhancement tools.

You can simply upload a transparent product image and have the tools create image templates based on the prompts you give them. Additionally, if your brand has a limited content library, leveraging AI to create new assets is a great way to expand the number of product images you can leverage on social media. 

Adobe recently released Generative Fill for Photoshop this year which is currently in beta. The tool allows you to extend images beyond the original crop, much better than the previous “content aware” feature. It can also be used to alter images by adding to it or removing unwanted parts of an image which can help save a lot of time. Best of all, they train the AI to use Adobe Stock imagery, openly licensed work, and public domain content, whereas other AI tools will scrape images and text found on the internet.


GenAI is a game-changing product for marketers and social media managers. These lightning-fast tools streamline workflows, enhance creativity, and improve overall performance. Embracing this emerging technology allows social media managers to stay ahead of the competition and effectively engage their audiences across platforms. 

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