Reddit is a discussion-focused forum where users can talk about almost anything. Users on Reddit – unlike on other social media platforms – are anonymous by default and have the choice of sharing their identifying information. The platform gives its users the opportunity to browse millions of “subreddits”, which are topics of interest that range from finance to yoga and allow users to post questions and responses directly on the platform. The array of subreddits and in-depth conversations that take place on the platform draws over 430 million active users monthly. 

Unique Features

Reddit ads tend to be forgotten about in the paid social space because other platforms have earned a reputation of offering more impressive targeting capabilities. However, Reddit ads are similar to ads on  other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, giving marketers a similar campaign structure, offering multiple objectives, different placement options and a multitude of ad types to choose from. Advertisers can expect to pay for certain actions like clicks and views, as well as choose from different segments and interests for detailed targeting. The wide variety of interests and topics on Reddit have fostered one of the largest and most engaged audiences across social media, making advertising on Reddit extremely desirable for digital marketers. 

Unlike other platforms, Reddit offers the power of subreddit targeting – giving advertisers the power to run ads in niche communities while layering on specific interest and demographic targeting throughout their campaigns. Researching subreddits before launching a campaign will help you gain an understanding of the thoughts and opinions discussed across your industry.  


Creative and timing play a huge role in Reddit advertising. The creative needs to be unique to Reddit because Redditors value brands with transparency and authenticity and expect to see ads they wouldn’t normally find on other platforms. The key to Reddit is using social listening to help you create ads that are relevant to your target market and pairing them with subreddits that will resonate with your audience at the right time.