2023 has been a wild ride. We’ve seen newsrooms continue to shrink, the rise of the AI revolution, big companies struggling with a new remote workforce, and a culture that values transparency now more than ever. Things are changing at a rapid pace, and the top PR firms are forced to adapt quickly.

Here are six topics that are dominating conversations at PR shops:

  1. Traditional PR is more valuable than ever before.

Newsrooms are shrinking and outlets are consolidating. This increases competition for journalists’ attention and limits PR real estate. All of this makes traditional PR more valuable to clients. And, in turn, the ever-present challenge of reporting on PR efforts remains a high priority.

  1. Everyone is focused on AI.

Agencies are creating their own AI tools and offering to create AI integration roadmaps for clients. Smart agencies are proceeding with caution while doing a lot of testing. It’s important to remember that AI is a tool and, as the saying goes, “Hammers don’t build houses, people do.”

  1. The pandemic and remote work have changed agency life for the better.

Embracing remote work massively expands the talent pool when searching for new hires. Agencies with regional offices are now building the best teams for each client, regardless of an employee’s location.

  1. Agencies value PR generalists.

This allows for a diverse agency portfolio and agility across client verticals. The foundational skills required to be an effective public relations professional translate easily across client verticals. While media relationships are valuable, a talented PR specialist should be fine with identifying key media contacts, building rapport with them, and securing coverage.

  1. Executive thought leadership needs to go beyond positioning.

Executives now need to focus on authenticity to drive influence. In 2023, there’s more focus on why and how an executive shares information versus what they are sharing. Strategic PR teams should prepare executives beyond talking points, guiding them to consider their personal position and how they can drive influence.

  1. Influencer marketing is a big focus.

Influencer marketing has grown into a $16B industry and the top agencies are leaning into this tactic more than ever. With the ever-changing social media landscape, agencies are tapping influencers to create content and test new audiences.


If the first three quarters of this year are any indication, all we can expect from Q4 is change. To learn how Mindgruve can take your business to the next level through public relations, get in touch.