Every new year brings with it a refreshed opportunity for success. That chance for growth is no different on the social frontier. In an always evolving digital world, creators and brands aspire to keep their fingers on the pulse of social platforms to move their respective goals forward. Here are three social media trends to consider incorporating with your 2023 strategy.

1. Originality As A Trend

2022 saw the use of trending audio, the sound behind a TikTok or Instagram Reels video, as a popular source for reaching users. 2023 may require a little more originality. Now, we are not saying to stop using trending audio. We are saying that there is a better way to stand out amongst the crowd.

Moving forward, users should take trending audio and add their own flare, creating original content through unique storytelling. Consider interlacing the trending audio over clever camera edits, long form vlog material, or even casual tangents on niche topics. Later has highlighted a few creators such as Leakna on TikTok as they take the Frank Ocean “Pink Plus White” audio edit and pair it with smooth transitions throughout the creator’s day to craft a unique approach to vlogging.

From a brand standpoint, Duolingo does a great job of incorporating trending audio with videos of the brand’s mascot, Duo, to create a humoristic approach that later encourages users to be more active with its respective language learning app. By utilizing a tool for visibility such as trending audio and combining it with a personal choice of visuals or dialogue, users can stand out from the crowd.

2. UGC Builds Trust

According to a 2022 study by Good Firm, almost 57% of those surveyed said they make purchase decisions based on the advice or suggestions of social media influencers.

If a user wants to know how a certain product works and to what effect, they will typically look up real user experiences. For creators who specialize in reviewing or simply enjoying products, this helps them shine in both their own visibility, and inadvertently as salespeople for the product they are featuring. Take photographer Peter McKinnon, who uses colorful visuals with narration to create engaging reviews of products that fall within his hobbies; coffee, film, and style. For brands, partnering with creators and featuring organic User Generated Content (or organic-style ads) is an opportunity to build trust with potential customers, drive clicks, and increase sales. 

3. Social Commerce Trends Upwards

2023 is expected to see a rise of social commerce. Not only are users making purchase decisions based on social media influencer advice, the convenience of in-app stores has made it one step easier to hit that “buy” button. Don’t just take our word for it; let’s take a look at the numbers.

A recent Hubspot study showed that close to 61% of social media users purchase products from Facebook and Instagram. Couple this with estimates that global social commerce sales will reach almost $3 trillion by 2026 on top of a predicted +35% increase in US social buyers. Brands should consider setting up shop on social platforms. For brands not exclusively in the ecommerce realm, running ads within social marketplaces such as those on Instagram or Facebook can help expand brand awareness with users who are in the shopping mindset.

Social media is still a frontier. While the ever changing landscape can be daunting, the opportunities available for brands and users looking to build success are endless. From creators taking trends and making them their own, to brands using more organic content to build trust with their customers, incorporating these tactics can help marketers get ahead in their fields, and move them forward in 2023.