“Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”

“The ultimate driving machine.”

“Just do it.”

“I’m lovin’ it.”

The common denominator of all these taglines is that they are all trying to sell their products to hungry consumers. And arguably, a great brand tagline is a memorable one. As you were reading the list above, I’m sure you were naming the brand as soon as you finished reading each tagline. Taglines can define brands and sometimes, brands have to adapt to the changing consumer environment to ensure their brands stay top-of-mind. This is not to say that a tagline must change at every whim. Not only is it expensive to alter, but it also can confuse consumers on your brand identity. When executed properly, a tagline can help keep the brand fresh and generate a more powerful brand identity.

Apple: Thinking outside the box

To set itself apart from other existing brands, Apple came out with their “Think different” campaign, featuring notable historical people of the past. The ads featured Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Muhammed Ali, and others with the tagline, “Think different.” With this simple, yet inspiring tagline, it not only encourages its audience to think outside the box, but it also brands Apple as bold and adventurous. Now, Apple dominates as one of the world’s most valuable brands, revolutionizing smartphone design and even somewhat changing how people use their mobile devices as more than just phones — surprise, the iPhone can make calls. The tone of their tagline has shifted from setting them apart from the rest to highlighting their premier asset as a brand. Currently, their tagline reads: “Designed by Apple in California.”


Snickers: Satisfying one chocolate enthusiast at a time

As a product, Snickers markets itself as more of a snack than a typical candy bar. They revolved their brand tagline and marketing campaign around the word, “satisfy,” or the essence of satiating a craving or hunger. Beginning with “Snickers really satisfies” in 1979, Snickers has evolved their tagline to, “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” creating a campaign featuring diva-like celebrities. The campaign plays with the very relatable notion that our personalities change (admit it) when we’re hungry. Hangry? Grab a Snickers and you’ll be a-okay. (Hangry = Hungry + Angry, for those unaware). Though the tagline currently doesn’t include the actual word “satisfy,” it still holds the familiarity of the initial tagline and that satisfaction you’ll get once you bite into a peanuty Snickers bar.

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