With Interactive Day San Diego fast approaching, there’s lots of activity going on around the Hilton Bayfront – some a bit more bizarre than the rest. It seems that the Hilton staff and guests have been seeing signs of an otherworldly creature popping up around the hotel and the Gaslamp area. We’ve included the latest news story to update you with all the details. With the event right around the corner, we hope whoever or whatever is roaming the Hilton comes in peace!

UFO Reported at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront

Multiple guests, staff members claim sightings of extraterrestrial activity

By Jasmine B. Amaya, City Reporter 08:12 P.M. June 10, 2013

SAN DIEGO – “It was like nothing I’ve seen before,” a shocked Bill Durham said. “It was broad daylight, so there’s no way I was seeing a plane – that was a UFO.” Durham is just one of many people who claim they spotted a UFO hovering over the Hilton San Diego Bayfront in downtown San Diego yesterday. Durham was boating with his family when a large, saucer-shaped aircraft appeared above the hotel.


Photo courtesy of Bill Durham

Guests and staffers have also reported seeing flashes of green dart out from behind doors and buildings and a large, three-toed footprint tracked around the hotel grounds. From eyewitness accounts, the pattern of the footprints appears to indicate distress. “They were all over the place,” said Sandy Reese, a front desk receptionist at the hotel. “It was almost as though the thing they belonged to was looking for something.”

We reached out to Benjamin Moss, Director of Media Relations at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, for comment. “Although we are reviewing the accounts of our valued guests and team members, we cannot confirm any reports at this time,” Moss said.

This mysterious activity comes just days after Tim Givens, a dairy farmer in Jamul, claimed he saw a similar object hovering above his farm.