With Halloween just around the corner, we can’t help but think about some things that spook us. We’ve come across some freakishly good ads that make us jump out of our seats but inspire us to think bigger, and some ads, that well, have our heads scratching on how it passed their PR department.

Let’s start with the awesome ads that spooked us and its target:

1: Carrie Viral Video

The marketing team for Carrie pulled out all the stops to scare its unknowing participants. We would have freaked out.

2. LG Ultra Reality

LG’s Ultra Reality televisions are so real that it made “interviewees” believe a meteor was about to strike the building and obliterate them. It’s one of those not funny in the moment, but funny afterward experiences in your life.

3: Booking.com

Do you dare stay at a haunted hotel? Booking.com wants you to consider in their latest ad campaign. This campaign features print, movie-style posters and a spook-filled TV commercial featuring one of the haunted hotels, The Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco.

4: Department for Transport’s THINK! Campaign

Just watch.

5: Game of Thrones

When was the last time you’ve seen a kick-ass print ad in a newspaper? This one from Game of Thrones has us inspired to not place print advertising on the back burner. We would have turned around to see if one of Daenarys’ dragons was flying above us…

Now for the scary, how did that even get approved, ads:

6: Aetna: What’s your healthy?

This campaign had our copy team reaching for their AP Stylebooks. We’re all about playing with words, but this was distractingly confusing.

7: Wonderful Pistachios

And how this got past the PR department, we will never know.

8: Got Insurance Colorado

Had to do a double take on this one. We understand the message of “brosurance” is targeting the younger demographic, but the ad almost comes off as a parody of a serious subject, like health insurance. Also, it’s on a government site!

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