Improved online media efforts and increased awareness for Carlsbad, CA lead to extended partnership.

San Diego, CA – September 29, 2010 – Following recent successes with a new website and increased online marketing efforts that have helped make Carlsbad, CA a top family travel and spa destination site in the United States, Visit Carlsbad has resigned with San Diego-based digital media firm, Mindgruve.

Through improved search engine marketing, a user-centric website experience and a streamlined visitor conversion process, Mindgruve has helped guide curious travelers to Carlsbad, CA. Focusing on improved messaging and information-rich content, the updated Visit Carlsbad brand has become a recognizable online destination for valuable southern California travel tips and insights.

“We have been extremely happy with the efforts that Mindgruve has put into our online marketing initiatives. We are confident they will continue to promote Carlsbad as a premier travel destination as we extend efforts into social media,”  said Sam Ross, Visit Carlsbad Executive Director.

Mindgruve has already started to increase Visit Carlsbad’s social media presence through website integration of Facebook “like” buttons, as well as a Facebook ad campaign and increased interaction across multiple social channels including Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. Future efforts will include online travel giveaways, custom travel applications and increased community connectivity for other Carlsbad businesses.

“Our partnership with Visit Carlsbad has been very successful thus far and we are excited for what the future holds. Extending our online efforts into social media, Visit Carlsbad’s website will become the hub of local content and useful travel insights ranging from weekend getaways to group-based travel,” stated Chad Robley, Mindgruve CEO.

About Visit Carlsbad
Visit Carlsbad is the Convention and Visitors Bureau for the Carlsbad area. It serves approximately 30 area hotels ranging from beach bungalows to luxury accommodations by presenting and promoting vacation ideas, packages, attractions and deals for the area.