Successful marketing strategy and sales growth lead to evolving superfood partnership.

SAN DIEGO,CA – After a successful first year of sales growth with Mindgruve, Sunfood has decided to renew the San Diego, California-based digital media firm as their agency of record. “Mindgruve has been a perfect fit. Working with Chad and his team had an immediate impact on our business – sales are up 30% and our email database has doubled in size as a result of increased reach and traffic. They understand the booming superfood marketplace and have been extremely helpful in defining and targeting our audience,” stated Brian Bowers, Sunfood COO.

With one year under their belt, Mindgruve now looks to play an increasingly vital role in Sunfood’s operations and image. “Initially, we were brought in to help with their internet marketing strategy, but as the relationship evolved, we now drive all of their advertising and marketing campaigns,” said Chad Robley, Mindgruve President. He continued, “Moving forward, we will be doing product consulting and new packaging to fuse seamlessly with a complete brand overhaul. And, of course, we’ll continue to refine and increase the potency of our online marketing efforts to maximize ROI.”

The leader in the superfood marketplace, Sunfood is prepared to solidify their role as an expert and innovator of high quality superfood products. They plan to take the steps necessary to increase conversion and retention of site visitors through various community-building tactics, including a superfood-specific social network, events and an increased two-way dialog between Sunfood and their consumers. Brian Bowers explained, “superfoods are a lifestyle. With the help of Mindgruve, now we can more easily commit to engaging, educating and helping people integrate superfoods into their own lifestyle. In doing so, we will build and maintain a dedicated community that helps people love their health and love their life.”

About Sunfood

Sunfood is the world’s leading provider of high-quality superfoods, including sustainable, organic and raw products. Distributing over 1000 different products, their website has become the nucleus of the growing superfood global community. Sunfood also provides staff experts, educational materials and various other tools used for integrating the health benefits of superfoods into their patrons’ lifestyles.