Many of you Mindgruve followers were lucky enough to attend Parachute Factory on February 16. The innovative art and culture event, which was held in the East Village warehouse that housed the Pacific Parachute Company during WWII (and will be Mindgruve HQ come summertime), played host to the works of over forty local artists, live musical acts, craft beer and cuisine, and a much larger audience than anyone anticipated. Art fans came out in droves for the Saturday night event, resulting in round-the-block lines and an amazing turnout of over 1,300 guests; blowing expectations of 500 out of the water.

Take a photo tour of some of our favorite shots from the event below, or find more on Facebook.

The event was such a success that the artists and presenters Yeller Studio and Sezio decided to do it all over again, and the following Sunday, Parachute Factory was re-opened to the public for free. Our CEO, Chad Robley; Account Supervisor, Rachael Wilson; Clarke Forrest and Tyler Cristobal from Yeller Studio; and artist Katherine Brannock were even asked to appear on a multi-part KUSI morning news segment to give a showcase and building tour! The San Diego Reader and San Diego City Beat also published features on the event.

We were excited to contribute our space to this great event and congratulate all those involved for its astronomical success. An extra shout-out to Michael Tussey, our Art Director, is in order – not only did he have a huge hand in organizing the event, he was a featured artist, too. To learn more about Parachute Factory and the artists featured, log onto Parts two and three of the KUSI segment are also available online – be sure to check them out!