Amidst an ever-evolving advertising landscape, Adweek shines a spotlight on agencies that not only adapt but also thrive and lead the industry. This year, Adweek’s list of Fastest Growing Agencies recognizes those that have demonstrated remarkable expansion and innovation in a fiercely competitive environment. We’re thrilled to announce that Mindgruve has secured its position on this prestigious list for 2023, marking yet another milestone in our journey of growth and our commitment to excellence.

“It’s always been our mission to help our clients grow their business. And in turn, grow our own,” said Mindgruve founder and CEO, Chad Robley. “Earning a spot on Adweek’s Fastest Growing Agency list is both a tremendous honor and the result of doing the right thing for our clients.”

In just two decades, Mindgruve has transformed into a leading global, independent marketing agency. With a dynamic and iterative approach, our dedicated teams of strategists, creatives, media experts, data scientists, and engineers collaborate openly with clients to conquer the ever-evolving challenges of the modern marketing landscape — while delivering one-to-one consumer engagement at scale.

“Our success is fueled by our strongest asset — our people,” Robley added. “We bring a diverse mix of talent from around the world, ranging from seasoned agency veterans to visionary entrepreneurs — all unified by an unwavering commitment to excellence in everything we do.”

Mindgruve continues to expand its client base and deepen its expertise in a variety of industries such as CPG, apparel, sports and entertainment, healthcare, technology, and finance. The current client roster includes First Horizon Bank, Celebration Wishes, QuietKat, Sony and Bay City Brewing Company, among others.