1st Annual Hackathon SD

With Red Bulls in hand and an awesome concept in mind, the Mindgruve Development Team joined fellow developers and designers at the 1st Annual Hackathon SD, brought to you by the folks at OpenCandy! Their mission: create an award-winning mobile application in only 23 hours.

Countless energy drinks, candy bars and three short naps later, we developed an app – The Golden Sanctuary – sure to be useful for people on the go, travelers and anyone else in search of the cleanest throne in the city – as well as some funny stuff to read and do once you get there. Check out our wireframes, comps and highlights from the event!

February 18, 7:05PM:
Team Mindgruve puts their thinking caps on and prepares for a long night ahead.

Mindgruve at Hackathon SD

February 18, 7:45PM:
Team Mindgruve sketches out an awesome wireframe to set the plan in motion, determine navigation and much more.

Mindgruve's awesome wireframe for Hackathon SD

Mindgruve's awesome wireframes for Hackathon SD

Mindgruve's awesome wireframes for Hackathon SD

February 18, 11:18PM:
As the clock draws closer to midnight, Team Mindgruve finalizes the logo as they begin to create a mock homepage in their dimly lit refuge.

mindgruvers coding the night away

February 19, 2:08AM:
While the rest of San Diego is sleeping, all teams stay up in the wee hours of the night, designing, mocking and coding.

Hackathon SD

February 19, 6:32AM:
Good morning! Team Mindgruve refuels with a somewhat nutritious (do licorice and Oreos count?) breakfast as they continue the HTML and CSS coding process.
Mindgruve at Hackathon SD

February 19, 9:55AM:
Team Mindgruve makes coding look so easy, they can even do it with their eyes closed!
Mindgruve at Hackathon SD

February 19, 10:00AM:
Shortly after 9:55AM (while Chris and Matt code their hearts out) our designer/designated photographer, Nate, is down for the count.*

Sorry, no picture available – for obvious reasons.
*PLEASE NOTE: Nate is the last to take his well-deserved nap.

February 19, 5:49PM:
As the final hour approaches, Team Mindgruve looks lively and adds the finishing code and design touches.

The Golden Sanctuary homepage

The Golden Sanctuary feed page

The Golden Sanctuary rate page

February 19, 8:00PM:
TIME! Laptops down! The coding may be over, but apps must be presented, a winner announced, then celebrations galore at Voyeur!

Hackathon Teams present their work

Hackathon Teams make their way to the after party

Curious to see this mobile app in action? Pull out your smartphones and try it out – http://thegoldensanctuary.com. Plus, there’s more to come! If you have any ideas on what you’d like to see in this quirky app, leave us a comment below with your suggestions!

If you’re impressed with our work and want to develop a mobile application for your brand, please contact Michael Garten at 949-698-2983 for more information on how we can partner.