Through a comprehensive holiday marketing campaign, Mindgruve drives record sales at

SAN DIEGO,CA – January 29, 2010 – Over the 2009 holiday season, San Diego-based digital media agency, Mindgruve, helped release new products, launch social media efforts, and unleash email and internet marketing campaigns that resulted in record sales for client,

Starting in early November, Mindgruve helped introduce a series of new products and sales, all supported by email and paid search efforts, that engaged and activated Sunfood’s community. “The results were better than we could have expected. Our community responded to everything we were doing,” stated Brian Bowers, Sunfood’s Director of Product Development. He continued, “by providing organic and recycled material clothing, gift cards and unique holiday gift packages, customers saw the opportunity to promote and share their raw lifestyle with pride.”

As Sunfood’s product offering grew, so did their marketing efforts. Targeted and timely emails were sent to promote deals that ranged from store-wide sales to special discounts on new products. Additionally, the homepage was regularly updated with banner ads highlighting unique and new offerings. Finally, Sunfood launched a social media effort through Facebook and Twitter, to help guide gift purchases and share specials with their audience.

“We knew the Sunfood audience was hungry for more – more information, more products, more interaction – so when we provided it through our efforts this holiday season, the results were obvious. Sales for November and December jumped 32% from last year, with an over 50% surge between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We also saw a 55% increase in site visits and a 22% increase in page views,” explained Chad Robley, President of Mindgruve.

Sunfood continues to see these numbers rise as they add more exclusive products, such as Maqui Berry Powder, and interact with the Sunfood community through social media channels.

About Sunfood

Sunfood is the world’s leading provider of high-quality superfoods, including sustainable, organic and raw products. Distributing over 700 different products, their website has become the nucleus of the growing superfood global community. Sunfood also provides staff experts, educational materials and various other tools used for integrating the health benefits of superfoods into their patrons lifestyles.