Through a strategic social media campaign, Mindgruve increases superfood community to over 50,000 members in seven months.

SAN DIEGO, CA – July 7, 2010 – Seven months after launching the Sunfood Facebook page, San Diego-based digital media firm, Mindgruve, has produced a series of key social media engagements to propel the online community,, to over 50,000 members.

Closely collaborating with Sunfood, Mindgruve continues to improve their efforts by utilizing a custom-built weekly deals Facebook tab, weekly product sample giveaways, targeted Facebook ads, website display ads and email marketing. “This is a huge milestone for Sunfood and our online community. Mindgruve’s guidance and knowledge of this space has allowed our Facebook Page to become the hub for all conversations relating to raw foods and superfoods, and given us countless opportunities to directly connect with our consumers,” stated Brian Bowers, Sunfood’s Director of Product Development.

With an average of 300 people joining the page daily, Mindgruve is actively working to create and implement additional features for Sunfood’s Facebook Page, including custom tabs that will give health-conscious individuals the ability to shop within Facebook, contribute to important topics of conversation and find recipes for their lifestyle.

“Every day Sunfood is doing their part to share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. With an average of over 600 monthly interactions, it’s clear that Sunfood’s page members are actively seeking this information. We’re eager to help Sunfood provide valuable insights through more integrated features, such as custom applications, as well as other exciting initiatives, including SunfoodTV and a Superfoods Community,” explained Chad Robley, President of Mindgruve.

About Sunfood
Sunfood is the world’s leading provider of high-quality superfoods, including sustainable, organic and raw products. Distributing over 700 different products, their website has become the nucleus of the growing superfood global community. Sunfood also provides staff experts, educational materials and various other tools used for integrating the health benefits of superfoods into their patrons lifestyles.