For a giant like Google, staying on top of its game means constantly improving its products and services. The best way to do that is by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of trusted industry partners.

That’s why the Google team recently invited Mindgruve Media Director Steven Hellbusch – and only four other leading agency business team experts – to share their successes and challenges in the digital industry, while discussing Google’s growing role in it all.

“Our panel discussion was a great way to collaborate with the Google team, to talk about our industry and the agency role in it,” says Steven. “We shared which services work for businesses – like Mindgruve, a long-time Google agency partner – and which need improvement.”

“We exchanged ideas that would improve Google products – such as beta testing and specialty tools – and our clients’ marketing spends,” he says. “We discussed the latest trends and future opportunities facing digital media agencies.”

And Steven knows a thing or two about the future of marketing and digital media.

He has managed hundreds of millions of dollars in media budgets for clients across multiple industry verticals, while collaborating with notable brands such as United Healthcare, Yamaha and O’Neill Clothing.

“Working together on the panel will help make Google products even better for agencies, while giving Google the client perspective on what agencies need from them,” says Steven.

“In the end, Mindgruve’s strategic partnership with Google impacts our clients’ businesses. Our main interest for them is a high return on their digital media investments … and we’re doing everything we can to help deliver that,” Steven concluded.