Mindgruve has nine logos featured in the LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 1.

SAN DIEGO,CA – May 19, 2010 – In the first volume of their Master Library series, Initial & Crest Logos, LogoLounge awarded Mindgruve, a San Diego-based digital media firm, with nine featured logos, including:

  • Crestline Funding
  • ClearWater Outdoor
  • Panish & Hoey
  • Dr. Michael Lardon (x2)
  • Mauzy Heating and Air
  • Waveland Financial Services
  • Zocalo Retail
  • Custom Quilting

Mindgruve, who has had work featured in the past four annual hardcovers, had their logos selected by a panel of distinguished judges, which made their choices based on innovation, longevity and significance of the design. “We pride ourselves on the identity work we do for clients. Although we’re known for our digital expertise, the identity and brands we create serve as the foundation for every successful initiative,” stated Clint Walden, Mindgruve SVP, Strategy & Brand Experience.

Mindgruve continues to push the limits of what identity can do by partnering with several entrepreneurial start-ups, including Sunfood.com and SanDiego.com, in an effort to create powerful brand engagement across all mediums, starting with their identity.

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