With Mindgruve’s solid social media strategy that includes engaging content and new sharing tactics, Visit Carlsbad’s Facebook Page successfully reached 50K “Likes.”

SAN DIEGO, CA – March 23, 2012 – Mindgruve executed a social media strategy via Facebook that grew from 30K to 50K “Likes” over the course of eight months. The integrated strategy included targeted content, deals, contests, photos, videos, conversation starters and highly-targeted Facebook ads that all contributed to Visit Carlsbad’s page growth.

Conducting an in-depth analysis of Carlsbad’s community and optimal posting times, Mindgruve took a different approach to social content sharing by focusing on eye-catching and share-worthy photos and videos that promoted Carlsbad venues, events, deals and more. Fun facts, trivia questions, fill-in-the-blank and other conversation starters were also part of the refined strategy and have resulted in increased engagement.

Visit Carlsbad’s EdgeRank Score has reached 20 in conjunction with posts receiving upwards of 100 likes or comments and up to 1,000,000 people reached.

Mindgruve also implemented additional Facebook campaigns, such as Visit Carlsbad’s first Facebook photo contest where users submit and vote for their favorite photos. The page gained over 1,000 “Likes” in two weeks. The same success is expected with Visit Carlsbad’s current Spring Break-themed Facebook contest, running until March 31st, that involves users voting for their favorite Carlsbad restaurant.

“I’m extremely pleased with how much our Facebook community has grown in quantity and most importantly, quality. We couldn’t have reached this monumental milestone without Mindgruve. Now on to 60K!” exclaims Sam Ross, Executive Director of Visit Carlsbad.

Mindgruve and Visit Carlsbad’s ongoing goal within the social space is to foster growth and engagement; the two will continue exploring the best ways to appeal to the users’ travel and social needs. The new Facebook Timeline layout rolling out March 30th for brand pages is the perfect opportunity to elevate Visit Carlsbad’s Facebook messaging by telling its brand story and inviting more users to join the conversation. Additionally, a strong push to include and target group travelers via social media is underway.

About Visit Carlsbad
Visit Carlsbad is the Destination Marketing Organization for Carlsbad, CA. It serves approximately 36 Carlsbad hotels ranging from beach bungalows to luxury accommodations by presenting and promoting vacation ideas, packages, attractions and deals for the city of Carlsbad. www.VisitCarlsbad.com