Leading advertising and interactive agency joins with raw food expert, David Wolfe, to expand Sunfood.com

San Diego, CA – Mindgruve, a leading advertising + interactive agency in San Diego, recently announced their partnership with Sunfood.com. Founder of Sunfood, David Wolfe, is a world renowned expert on the raw food lifestyle and has chosen to collaborate with Mindgruve as they expand their raw food empire.

David Wolfe is a visionary in the raw food industry and with his expertise and support, Sunfood has flourished to become one of the most recognizable all-natural food brands in the world. In keeping with the times, Sunfood is promoting environmental and social responsibility through their strictly implemented “green” business standards and innovative products. Mindgruve will be responsible for rebranding Sunfood.com, creating a new ecommerce strategy, designing their product packaging and handling all event marketing for Sunfood, amongst other things.

Sunfood has been providing people worldwide with quality products to enhance their health, create longevity and enable them to have the best day ever for over a decade. Since its inception in 1995, Sunfood has acquired a loyal clientele consisting of A-list celebrities and business professionals. Nutrient filled best-sellers like their truly raw cashews and cacao nibs have given consumers an alternate way to eat and live, without sacrificing good taste. The company is now looking to expand and plans on producing even more products and foods in their ongoing campaign to promote health and well-being to all people, everywhere.

The creative team at Mindgruve will be creating the SunFood site so that food-lovers will have free access to shop for SunFood items online while acquiring first hand knowledge about healthy eating from David Wolfe.