San Diego, Calif., (November 3, 2016) – Mindgruve, one of the fastest growing marketing and technology firms in the nation, has been selected as the agency of record for S. Martinelli & Company. Martinelli’s, a brand founded nearly 150 years ago, produces some of the top selling sparkling ciders and apple juices in the nation.

“We selected Mindgruve for its unique approach to helping businesses innovate and grow,” said Gun Ruder, VP of Martinelli’s. “We’re excited to leverage the agency’s strategic, creative and ecommerce capabilities to help increase both Martinelli’s brand awareness and sales in the near future, while remaining true to our established traditions of excellence.”

Mindgruve is already in the process of developing a new Martinelli’s website that frames the brand’s rich heritage with a modern, streamlined user experience. In parallel, it is preparing to rollout integrated campaigns, including a promotion for its sesquicentennial celebration in 2018.

About Mindgruve

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About S. Martinelli & Company

S. Martinelli & Company, a family-owned business in Watsonville, California, has been producing award-winning apple juice & apple cider since 1868. For more information, visit