Macarta, a Mindgruve Ventures company, provides end-to-end consulting, marketing and channel management to drive sales and increase revenue for brands on Amazon. More specifically, its core Amazon marketing services include account launch, product management, content optimization, analytics, competitor research and channel advertising. 

“With more than 200 million unique monthly visitors in the U.S. alone and 100 million Prime members globally, Amazon is hands down one of the most dominant online marketplaces,” said Chad Robley, founder of Mindgruve Ventures. “As it continues on this rapid growth trajectory, there’s an opportunity for brands to increase their presence. But it’s crucial they implement concise, well-informed strategies and execution plans that incorporate tactics such as paid search and programmatic display. All of which Macarta specializes in.”

According to data, more online shoppers start searches on Amazon than Google. 69%  use Amazon during their path to purchase. 80% of Amazon customers use it to discover new products and brands. 53% feel more comfortable buying an unfamiliar brand on Amazon than anywhere else. Finally, 70% prefer to window shop on Amazon.

“The scale of potential target audiences are even more robust as Amazon continues to reach into other vertical markets,” added Mike Hodges, CEO of Macarta. “Consider streaming video and music, social sharing, voice services and more. With so many consumer touch points, the possibilities are seemingly endless.”

While Amazon’s growth is good news for brands, it also increases the complexity of marketing. To chart a pathway to success, many have turned to Macarta’s seasoned Amazon marketing experts, strategists, channel managers and data scientists who advise, measure and optimize their Amazon efforts and strategies. Macarta works in a number of different B2C and B2B categories with brands such as 3M, PCA Skin (a Colgate-Palmolive company), Wrangler, The North Face, Tommy Hilfiger and more. 

For more information on Amazon marketplace consulting, marketing and channel management, contact Macarta here.