Mindgruve launches a redesigned Honeymoonwishes.com

SAN DIEGO, CA – Honeymoonwishes.com, the world’s number one online wedding registry, along with strategic partner Mindgruve, a San Diego-based digital media firm, are proud to announce the relaunch of the Honeymoon Wishes website. This new state-of-the-art platform keeps Honeymoon Wishes at the forefront of the online honeymoon registry market as more and more couples consider this service a vital part of their wedding.

“We’re very excited about the relaunch of HoneymoonWishes.com. Our rapid growth trajectory over the past several years is more evidence of the shift in how wedding couples are utilizing registries. The old registry model of building just a hard goods registry is no longer the only option before today’s wedding couples. People are getting married later in life and typically have most of these standard household items. Especially in this economy, wedding couples need a registry that can help them pay for their honeymoon or help subsidize hard goods items typically not easily aggregated into one registry. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to capture a larger piece of this market.” says Mindgruve president, Chad Robley.

The new Honeymoon Wishes website features enhanced design and exciting additions for a completely new user experience including more personalization and advanced registry options. Kristin Stark, president of Honeymoon Wishes explains, “We know it’s important to continually update and improve our website to give the best possible experience to our users. Couples really like the new look and feel of the website, it is quicker, easier and more fun to set up an online registry. We’ve also added several new features that give users the ability to personalize their registry list. We are excited and extremely happy with the positive feedback we have received so far and expect the new website will greatly increase adoption and conversion rates over time.”