The City of Carlsbad hires Mindgruve to promote summer hotel packages to Los Angeles and Orange County families.

SAN DIEGO, CA – After the success of their spring campaign the City of Carlsbad has again chosen San Diego-based digital marketing firm, Mindgruve, to create and launch their new 2009 Endless Summer Stimulus Campaign.

The three month marketing push funded by the City of Carlsbad, CTBID and [Energy Co.], involves a comprehensive online and offline marketing strategy designed to promote “20 irresistible summer hotel deals” to families traveling to Carlsbad, CA.

The summer campaign targeting families in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas includes direct mail, a hotel deal microsite, email marketing, paid Google search and online banner advertising to form a cohesive, fully integrated marketing effort.

“The success of the Carlsbad campaign is more evidence of how critical the role of digital media now plays in all Destination Marketing Organizations. The internet is now the epicenter for the marketing mix enabling lower cost of customer acquisition and vastly improving marketers ability to measure campaigns in real time. Additionally, search marketing is shortening the buying cycle and delivering customers at a time of need” states Mindgruve president, Chad Robley.

Mindgruve and the City of Carlsbad’s last integrated marketing campaign proved extremely successful.  Their spring campaign had over 3.5 million brand impressions in the first 60 days as well as a 105% increase in page views and 152% increase in site visitation year-over-year in that same time period. This increase tripled hotel bookings on the website in the first 60 days of the campaign.