Tulsa, OK – The Auction Network recently renewed their contract with Mindgruve to lead their Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Campaigns. The scope included interactive strategy, search engine optimization, content development, and a pay per click campaign. Mindgruve estimates that they drove nearly 900,000 unique visitors to their microsites over a 3 month period. Terms of the new agreement were not disclosed.

The Auction Network is an entertainment platform where buyers meet sellers and those on the sidelines are mesmerized and entertained. Unlike static shopping channels, Auction Network’s programming is colorful, active and interactive–the first 24/7 programmed network dedicated to all things auction.

The Network provides live auctions and interactive programming 24/7 via an Internet-delivered “television” channel that includes both a full-time, real-time feed of set-schedule programming as well as additional content on demand, and consumer interfaces with auctions and auction companies allowing them to become aware of auctions around the world and to buy online, on location or via mobile devices. The interactive environment allows users to watch others bid live or join live auction bidding interactively wherever they are.