How do you grab the attention of busy baby boomers and excite them about the value of personalized healthcare? You make it more convenient and provide access to tools that improve their health.

Stepping in as MDVIP’s Agency of Record and chief strategists, our team was challenged with repositioning their brand and value proposition in order to accelerate membership growth. The approach we took led to an overhaul of their existing brand and positioning along with their digital assets, technology infrastructure and delivery platform. The result was a much improved, multi channel user experience that not only drove value to the member but also saved money and improved operational efficiencies.

Their members now enjoy the benefits of MDVIP’s personalized healthcare services thru an integrated experience at the physician's office, call center, desktop, smartphone and tablet device. MDVIP’s technology supply chain is fully integrated from the physician’s office to their ERP. New mobile applications are being created to benchmark the members health, track their health progress and incentivize them to meet their goals.

With millions of new patients entering the healthcare system every year, MDVIP is now scaling their customer acquisition efforts by leveraging Mindgruve’s Performance Marketing Team.