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The Gold Rush of 2014.
We went mining for testimonials and struck gold.

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Who could have imagined a campaign celebrating National Doctors' Day would turn into a gold rush of customer testimonials? We did.

As Agency of Record of MDVIP, we helped them cut thru the health care advertising clutter and launch an integrated campaign celebrating National Doctors' Day by asking one simple question - Tell us what you like about your doctor?

By asking our members to share their real life stories, we created a ground swell of positive reviews, stories and videos about MDVIP, and how much they love their doctor. The result was an unprecedented spike in doctor reviews, testimonials and brand sentiment that helped drive member referrals and new memberships.

  • Winner Gold Award W3C - Best Healthcare Services Website 2014
  • Winner Silver Award Digital Campaign of the Year Ad Age 2014
  • Winner Gold Award Healthcare Marketing IMPACT Awards 2014

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