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Search Engine Optimization Dec 11, 2014

Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Will Win In 2015

Introducing Google’s New Mobile Guidelines & Tools It’s no longer a surprise, we all know that online mobile usage is growing at the speed of light and quickly taking over desktop usage across industries. As a result, mobile search and mobile applications are the first touchpoints between users and brands. 2014 was already announced as… Continue Reading

Search Engine Optimization Jan 8, 2014

SEO in 2014: 5 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make

Resolution#1: Focus on Quality Content 2013 was a busy year for Google: several additional Panda and Penguin updates targeting low quality content and spam link schemes, as well as the release of the new Hummingbird algorithm which focuses on relevancy and understanding users’ search intents. Topped with the continued rise of not provided keyword data… Continue Reading

Search Engine Optimization Dec 9, 2013

How To Integrate SEO Into Your Seasonal Marketing Strategy

As customers today expect to find more discounts and deals during the holiday season, it’s imperative that you develop and implement a long standing strategy to stay relevant. Seasonal marketing involves incorporating climate trends into your strategy in order to drive more sales or traffic to your website at specific times of the year. As… Continue Reading

Search Engine Optimization Apr 18, 2012

Is Your Website Ready for Google’s Semantic Search?

Google’s Search Makeover In March 2012, Google announced through the Wall Street Journal that its algorithm and search results will be undergoing a makeover using semantic search technology. It is the biggest change in the company’s history and could affect millions of websites over the next few years. Semantic search refers to the process of… Continue Reading

Search Engine Optimization Nov 12, 2008

SEO Breakdown

SEO Breakdown Let’s face it, these days everyone is “connected”, whether it be through our various social networks,cell phones, blogs or Twitter accounts. And the one common thread that all of these connectors have is the importance of SEO to get information out and drive traffic in. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps to improve the… Continue Reading