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Content Marketing Mar 17, 2017

Brands Embrace Virtual Reality as a Storytelling Tool for Their Content Marketing

As technology advances, the Jetsons-like future of self-driven cars, robot security guards, and smart devices is slowly becoming the norm. Virtual reality (VR), in particular, is no longer a distant pipe dream. While still new, a bit clunky, and expensive, it’s also emerging as a go-to tool for content marketing. As with any trend, brands… Continue Reading

Content Marketing Nov 19, 2013

[INFOGRAPHIC] Keys to Winning the Content Marketing Marathon

Lately, buzz phrase, “content marketing,” has been circulating around the marketing world. Everyone is hoping to achieve the ideal content marketing strategy, yet some strategists are still trying to figure out the exact formula to achieve the best results. It’s a trial-and-error world out there, but it all begins with a solid foundation to kick-off… Continue Reading

Content Marketing Aug 23, 2013

Sponsored Content: What Current Publishers Are Doing With It

During IDSD, David Lavine of AppsSavvy spoke about the rise and evolution of native advertising, content that is distributed directly by publishers. This form of advertising has become popularized recently amongst some of the major publishing companies online, such as BuzzFeed and The Atlantic. In fact, native ad spending is growing at a much more… Continue Reading